Kevin Hart is back to remind you Madden Season is never over.  
"Madden NFL 15: Madden Season Holiday"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Madden Season is the reason I'm back up on your screen 
Suck it up, it's not too late 
Get the season of your dreams 
QB from your armchair 
But at least this time you'll score 
And win the games your team did not 
Then a thousand more 
Go crazy on your conference 
Perfection all year long 
And deck the halls with sick play calls 
To the crack of dawn 
Get the season you always wanted in Madden NFL 15. Rated 'E' for Everyone. EA Sports. It's in the game. 
XBOX One. Now $349.

Written Text

Madden NFL 15 
Get the season you always wanted 
EA Sports 
Now $349 
For a limited time 

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