10 years ago, Firefox was created as the only independent choice on the Web. We believe the Web should be free, open and yours. 
Join us in celebrating 10 years of a browser backed by thousands of volunteers who support the rights of individuals online:  
"Firefox: Choose Independent"

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Who owns the internet? 
The answer is, no one.  
The answer is, everyone.  
Which is why thousands of volunteers around the globe give their time and talent 
To create an internet experience that's owned by everyone.  
And doesn't own you.  
Where your information isn't being bought and sold. 
Where power is in your hands.  
Not in a corporate database. 
That's why ten years ago, we created Firefox.  
Non-profit, non-corporate, non-compromised.  
Choosing Firefox isn't just choosing a browser, it's a vote for personal freedom.  
It's how we keep our independence online.  
Burning bright.

Written Text

Choose Independence. Choose Firefox. 

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