"Budweiser Super Bowl XXXIII ad Clydesdales Separated at Birth 1999" 
This Super Bowl commercial begins at a fire house when some new Dalmatian puppies arrive. They have to pick one and when they do, the one that got chosen sticks his tongue out a gives the other one a raspberry. Two years later, we see the dog riding in a firetruck with it's head out of the window. It comes up to the Budweiser cart being pulled by the famous Clydesdales. Sitting in the seat with the "drivers" is the Dalmatian that didn't get chosen by the firemen. This time it is the Budweiser dog that sticks his tongue out because he got a better job.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, man. She's here. 
Pick one. 
Which one. 
You like this one? 
This little guy.

Written Text

Two years later (14 dog years) 

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