Everyone has been inspired by someone to progress. It’s a universal human truth, and inspirational relationships are at the heart of the history and progress of Johnnie Walker. This film tells the story of these relationships and the knowledge that has passed from generation to generation, from master blender to master blender, creating an epic journey through the brand's history. 
"Johnnie Walker - The Endless Walk"

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Nothing we do in life we do alone. Take this fellow for example, John Walker. Rather than follow in his father's footsteps, he's encouraged to make his own. So he does. He moves to town, he opens a shop and he blends whiskies. But he doesn't stop there. He passes all he knows to his own son, who's encouraged to create his own path. He forges new relationships, taking John's whisky and oh how far across the globe. History is written as mentors become friends and friends become family. Each also brings something new to the table - their own unique twist. And this once small town whisky becomes a name known the world over. So yeah, 200 years ago Johnnie Walker started his walk, but he didn't walk alone. And never will.

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John Walker 
Johnnie Walker 
Keep Walking

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