Being Ready to Fly doesn’t just mean looking good. If you’re Ready to Fly it means you’re ready to put in all the hard work to become great. 
"Foot Locker x Jordan - Ready To Fly feat. Russell Westbrook"

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Hey, fresh Jordan's from Foot Locker!  
? just like you! 
So I guess you're ready to fly? 
Oh, I'm ready. 
You ready to get up at 5 am? Are you ready for a gross breakfast? Are you ready for epic theme music? And you ready to run in an abandoned part of town? And you're ready to work on your shot in a dramatically lit gym? And you're ready for the contact drill scene? And you're ready to be told you're not ready?  
Yo, son. Why don't you be like Mike? And retire. 
And you're ready for the cliche tire-flipping scene? And you're ready for this? And some of these? Don't do that. And you're ready to exercise in an unnecessarily hot room? 
Can I just go back to the dramatically lit gym? 
You ready for a close up with sweat dripping off your nose? Ready for this?

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Ready To Fly 
Foot Locker 
If It's Here It's 

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