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grandPad was designed from the ground up for seniors who have never used a computer before and instantly connects seniors to family and friends. No passwords, no cords, no confusing choices, just what seniors need and simple to setup and get the whole family connected. Visit us at to find out more! 
"Dear Santa - Happy Holidays from grandPad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Snowflakes gently falling 
Through the window she wipes clear 
The colored lights are twinkling 
It's her favorite time of year 
She opens up her memory box and all the years fly by 
Unfolds the letter she wrote that her mother tucked away that night 
Dear Santa, I left your milk and cookies by the tree 
And there's water for your reindeer on this busy Christmas Eve 
And as your sleigh flies through the skies above 
Don't forget to fill the world with love 
Her children and the grandkids have gathered for the night 
They say a prayer to grampa, looking up to stars so bright 
A child's love of Christmas never fades away 
The letter she wrote so long ago still brings a smile to her face 
Dear Santa, 
Don't forget to fill the world with love 
Dear Santa 
Dear Santa 
Dear Santa

Written Text

Simple joys should be simple to share 
Happy Holidays from grandPad

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