In September 2014 Spotify embarked on a Uni Fresher's tour of epic proportions… Armed with a double decker bus, 20ft wide song submission screen and live beat box band Duke, Spotify completely took over 20 of the UK's biggest Fresher's events 
"Spotify Freshers Tour 2014"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Come on I wanna see it 
Your wild imagination 
Come on I wanna be in it 
Your wild imagination 
Let's do the broadwalk 
Let's do the broadwalk 
Let's do the broadwalk all the way until the boardwalk 
Let's do the broadwalk  
Let's do the broadwalk 
And then we'll laugh and hug until we hit the floorboards 
I can hear the waves break not far away 
I can hear the waves break down by the bay 
Calling you and calling me

Written Text

Spotify Fresher's Tour 2014 
20 Of the UK's Biggest Fresher's Events 
3,500 Miles On The Road 
6,500 Track Requests To 
100,000+ Students Entertained 
3,000 Students Left Their Mark

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