Broadchurch series 2 returns to ITV 5 January 2015. 
"Laura Doggett - Old Faces | Broadchurch Series 2 Trailer"

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Tell her. 
Where were you both the night those girls disappeared? 
I want my life back.  
I can't do it on my own. 
Broadchurch returns Monday, 5th of January on ITV. 
(Lyrics) How does it feel when someone stripped you bare 
How does it feel when there's light shining on your every intention 
It's just small town, small dreams 
The same old faces still they haunt me 
And I'm just trying to find a way to block it out 
Find a way to block them out 
Small town laid to rest (?) 
Small town lay to rest (?) 
The same old faces

Written Text

Same Town 
New Secrets 
New Series 
Returns 5th January 

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