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Make some popcorn, that's step one. Step two, have a good time. 
We have a movie night! 
Step three is, choose a movie. 
Wanna watch a comedy? 
I love scary movies! 
Who wants to watch 'Nightmare Before Christmas' first?  
I don't. 
Step four is you try to agree. 
Let's watch 'A Christmas Carol'. 
I wanna watch 'Karate Kid'. 
Let's make a vote. 'Nightmare Before Christmas' wins. 
Step five, all of your family's gonna watch it, but step six is when the movie's over you guys can talk about what happened.  
My favorite part was... 
Run, Forrest, Run! 
I like the part at the end because it's happy! 
And that's all.

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The Movie  
-is just- 
The Beginning 
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