James Denton stars in this ad for the Daniel Hechter fragrance, Coton Chic. Denton A dark-haired woman sits on a dock while a man swims in a lake in front of her. He appears to be swimming in the nude, but as he emerges from the water, he has on a pair of dress slacks. While he walks up the dock toward the woman, he dons a sport coat, before moving in to embrace the waiting woman. 
"Eau de Toilette "Coton Chic" de Daniel Hechter : le spot vidéo"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Coton Chic. Daniel Hechter.  
(Lyrics) Soaring and suffering

Written Text

Eau De Toilette 
Coton Chic 
L'Elegance D'Etre Soi 
Daniel Hechter 

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