Fashion muse, It Girl, Instagram sensation, cover star...and now our new model! 
"Meet Estée Lauder’s newest model, Kendall Jenner."

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The first time I wore makeup, I was a little girl and my mom was filming me. 
You put your make up on by yourself? 
And I'm like, "Mom, I did my makeup. Do you like it?". "Yeah, you look beautiful." And she's like, "Where are you going?", I"m like, to the airport.  
Are you getting on a plane? 
To think back to like me being a young kid going through my mom's makeup drawer, playing with Estee Lauder, and then flip to now. I'm a part of this family. I feel like I'm more honored to be a part of something with such amazing names involved.  
Is this a magnet? That is so addicting. Rock Candy? I like that name.  
It's something I didn't really expect to happen so quickly. It's so crazy. I just want to be the best me I can be, so having the power that social media does, I think that just seeing how many people care about you and seeing how many people, like, want to watch what you're doing, it just makes you really want to do the best you can do. You don't think about it on an every day basis how many people actually love you and are looking out for you. It's such a blessing. Like, I couldn't say anything different, I just feel so incredibly blessed.  
(Lyrics) Where did we start? 
I can’t remember at all 
We used to fit together 
Now we’re falling apart 
Like I song I used to know 
But lost the lyrics long ago 
There’s no way to measure 
How fast we would fall 
You say, nothing's wrong, oh I’m alright and 
I know dreams are darker in the night, oh 
I say, don't let it go, let's hold on tight, but 
You know, only we can make it right 
Let’s get lost 
I don’t wanna lose you baby 
Let’s get lost 
Find our way back together 
Let’s get lost 
I don’t wanna lose you baby 
Let’s get lost 
Find our way back together 
Let's get lost 
Lost, lost

Written Text

Estee Lauder 
Meet Estee Lauder's newest model: 
Kendall Jenner 
KJ + EL 
Directed by Luke Frydenger 
Music by Scavenger Hunt

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