Walmart brings more ways to Christmas joy with our holiday anthem, "Joy." 
"Walmart Holiday Anthem: Joy"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) A little more tree 
A little more snow 
A couple more reindeer 
A couple more bows 
Another dozen cookies just in case the neighbors show 
A little more joy for Christmas 
A little more tinsel 
A few more pairs of tights 
Another nutcracker 
'Cause the last one caused a fight 
Another circuit breaker for my Christmas lights 
A little more joy for Christmas 
A few more little presents so the stocking's nice and stuffed 
Another Lego set 'cause a million aren't enough 
Just a bit more garland so my stairway looks divine 
Why stop at three Wise Men when the mantel fits nine 
A couple more carols 
A couple more hugs 
Just a smidge more Christmas spirit 
Some more mistletoe above 
Just a few more little touches and a lot more love 
A little more joy for Christmas

Written Text

More ways to Christmas joy.

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