There's a new sheriff in town, his name is Blake Griffin and he drives a white stallion with 274 horsepower. Kiiii-AAA Optima!! 
Just because it’s the old west doesn’t mean horses are required. Improvise. It’ll make sense.  
"Showdown | Official Kia Optima Blake Griffin NBA Partnership Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Whoa, easy fella. Well, if it ain't the Busted Wheel gang. 
Cut! Unbreak. 
Excuse me, director, where's your horse, Blake? 
I'm improvising, man. 
Improvising? Where is his horse? 
I ditched that old nag. 
Supposed to have a horse! 
My Optima has 274 horsepower. And looks that demand respect. 
OK, but we're in the old west! That says "Exterior, Old West". 
Yeah, I didn't read the script, man. What I'm doing is taking something old and replacing it with something cool and unexpected. It's what people want. 
It is? 
But it doesn't make any sense. 
It will when you shoot it. 
Where gonna shoot it with the car! 
Who was that? 
Name's Griffin. He plays Peachbasket.

Written Text

Kia Motors  
Blake Griffin 
The Optima 
NBA | Kia Official Automotive Partner

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