In "Spread the Word,” we see Frank and Charlie sharing the news that AT&T’s network now has the nation’s strongest LTE signal. See what all the excitement is about. AT&T. Mobilizing Your World. 
"TV Commercial – AT&T Network Experts: Spread the Word"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We did it, Charlie. AT&T's network now has the nation's strongest LTE signal. 
Let's go tell everybody. 
We're doing things like putting LTE radios on top of our towers. 
To maximize power. 
And give you the strong signal you deserve.  
That's awesome! 
Isn't it awesome?! 
So you all optimized it? 
We optimized it. 
People of earth... 
Oh boy. 
...America's strongest LTE signal is here! 

Written Text

Mobilizing Your World 

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