Pro athletes and sportscasters relive the memorable moments in Gatorade‚Äôs 50-year history. A few of the athletes featured in this commercial include Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Dwyane Wade, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Jabari Parker, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Usain Bolt, Barry Sanders, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bryce Harper, Scottie Pippen, Robert Griffin III, Eli Manning, Jimmie Johnson. 
"50 | Gatorade Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All right boys, gimme 50! 
1919, remember that! 
If I could be like Mike. 
28 rushing touchdowns. 
29 Yards. 
31 wins! 
Super Bowl 36 Champions! 
38 points. 
39-0 season. 
Fifty more! Let's do it again!

Written Text

7 Game Winning Playoff Goals 
Boston Celtics 
2008 World Champions 
Robert Griffin III Best 40-Yard Dash 4.41 
Sports Illustrated Super Bowl XLI Colt Heroes Peyton Manning 
Vertical Jump Jump Height 43" 
50 Years Fueling The Champion Within 
G 50

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