"Adjustable exhaust - The Biker Chick / Verstellbarer Auspuff - Die Rockerbraut" 
Adjustable exhausts make the difference ( Sparkling chrome, loud rock music and the deep, rich sound of an adjustable exhaust: that’s how bikers like their life to be – and their bikes. But confident biker chicks long for powerful sound, too – and they know how to handle their man to get it.  
This ad starts with a woman's purse and clothing spread out on the floor. We then see the woman in bed with a snoring man. This sexy blonde can't sleep and seems, at first, to be annoyed by the man's snoring. She then grabs his crotch and he starts snoring louder. She smiles and lays on his chest. The ad is for Kesstech's adjustable volume exhaust systems.

Written Text

Volume, at the touch of a button. 
KessTech - Legal Sound Performance

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