Everyone wins at AT&T with 30 GB of data to share. Even the superstitious can agree that this deal is a win-win. Learn more about this promotional plan at AT&T. Mobilizing your world. 
"AT&T TV Commercial – Superstition"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now you can get 30 gigs of data on 2 to 10 lines, starting at $160 a month. Everybody wins.  
He's superstitious on game day. You cannot say "W-I-N". 
Wait, win? 
So,30 gigs, that sounds like a lot.  
That's like 140 hours of video streaming.  
Wow, that sounds like a win-win.  
What about a word like "winter"? 
Yeah, winter's fine, it's just "win".  
Switch now and get 30 Gigs of data starting at $160 a month.

Written Text

30 GB To Share 
Starting at $160/month 
Mobilizing Your World 

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