Mick and Mike, our motoring maestros and Glynn, our 'house whisperer', will help guide you to the right cover for your home and motor insurance; while Leo is on hand to help get your household bills in shape. The optician can prescribe Gocompare glasses - complete with Defaqto lenses for car, home and pet policies; and last but not least, Julie, our diminutive leader is big on deal busting. 
" - Meet the whole team."

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Right! Let's have it. 
Whether it's crunching car insurance, busting energy bills or hunting home insurance, there's a team who every day, bust a gut to save you money. And they're just one click away. GoCompare that! 
(Lyrics) I'm a ? that go go power 
I'm gonna kick off my shoes and dance 
I'm a gotta that go go power now 
I'm gotta kick off my shoes and dance 
I'm a gotta that go go power 
Gonna get up from my seat 
Jive when I feel that beat 
Dance in my stocking feet 
Ooh and a go go go go go and go ? 
Gonna dance

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