Meet the first YouTube stars of 2015. Delivered in 24 hours, this heartwarming short film captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding some of the first babies born around New Year’s all over the world. Watch real parents hold their babies for the first time, showing that the best possible start in life begins with love. 
"Wishes for Baby – a Film by Fisher-Price"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I wish you health and happiness. We'll take care of the rest.  
To be loved by everyone. 
That he's happy, that he plays.  
You can do anything.  
To go to school, to be educated.  
That you'll be a happy child in this world.  
To be a doctor or a nurse. 
I hope you always feel this loved.

Written Text

Some New Year's plans are bigger than others... 
Filmed with real parents around the world 
Delivered on New Year's 
Welcome to a brand new year. 
The best possible start begins with love. 

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