Miss Sweden 2014, Camilla Hansson stars in this ad for the Kazam Tornado 348 smartphone.  
"Buy the World's Slimmest Smartphone | The KAZAM Tornado 348 | TV Commercial"

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Introducing the world's slimmest phone. The stunning new Kazam Tornado 348. Available exclusively online at Only £249 with free delivery. 
(Lyrics) Just woke up from a dreamin'  
About things you shouldn't know 
But as I feel the situation 
Got a lot for you to show 
I thought about my senses 
For the beauty and the beast 
I know I can't convince myself to be a lover unleashed 
Please send me some signals for the beauty of my soul 
It's not too late for you and me 
For an early morning walk 
You're just all I'll ever need 
All I ever need

Written Text

Introducing the world's slimmest phone 
The stunning new KAZAM Tornado 348 
Only £249 

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