"Mis-Spelling Bee" 
Two spellers battle it out to losing! 
This entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest begins with a spelling be. The winner gets a $50,000 college scholarhip, while second places gets various Doritos products. Both kids are excellent spellers, but they both want the Doritos so they keep spelling words wrong on purpose. At the end, the boy is ready to spell "quipu" wrong, but after he starts with "QUI" the girl farts and he says "pee-yew" and is given credit for spelling the word correctly.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We're down to our last two spellers. 
The winner gets a college scholarship 
...and the runner up goes home with free Doritos. 
E N T O M O L O G... I 
S I... 
F O... 
Q U I, pee-yew 
Alex, you are the winner.

Written Text

Doritos Spelling Bee 
Pay to the order of The Winner 
Fifty Thousand and 0/100 Dollars 
College Scholarship 
F. Rito Lay 
25 - Kara - Wimaumia, FL 
13 - Alex - Ruskin, FL

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