"Doritos Super Bowl 2015 - Middle Seat" 
One man will do anything to keep the middle seat empty. 
This ad starts on an airplane where one man is sitting in an aisle seat with the middle seat next to him open. He tries everything he can think of to make sure no one sits there including coughing, blowing his nose, pretending to be contagious, playing the recorder, clipping his toenails, pretending to sleep, pretending to read (a book about managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome), flossing his teeth, and more. That is, until he sees a pretty blonde woman. He then points at the seat and takes out some Doritos to entice her. Unfortunately it turns out she has a baby.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome aboard folks. Just go ahead and take any empty seat that you see. 
I hope it's not contagious. 
So I do have it. 
When your mom wakes up, can you tell her about me.

Written Text

How to Manage Chronic IBS

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