"Newcastle presents "Chores" -- (UN)OFFICIAL SNACK CHIP CONTEST SUBMISSION" 
A certain snack chip brand asked fans to make ads for a shot at free airtime. So Newcastle made a beer ad disguised as a chip ad. 
This ad is a spoof of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest that instead advertises Newcastle Brown Ale. It shows a man looking for [CENSORED] (Doritos) which he can't seem to find. He asks his wife who directs him to several places, tricking him into cleaning various parts of the house. He never finds his chips, but he finds lots of beer. 
Hidden jokes: 
The clock in the kitchen is set to 4:20 
The calendar says "Month" instead of an actual month.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Man: Honey, have you seen my [BEEP] (Doritos) brand tortilla chips? 
Woman: Try cleaning the fridge. 
Man: Nope, nothing here. 
Woman: Try checking the basement, babe. 
Man: I cleaned the whole basement, but didn't find any serious crunch or bold nacho flavor down there. 
Woman: Check the garage. 
Man: No [BEEP] (Doritos) up here either. 
Woman: Check under the sink. 
Man: Nope. Hey, you hid my [BEEP] (Doritos) to trick me into doing chores. Now that's comedy everyone could enjoy. 
Woman: [BEEP] (Doritos) brand tortilla chips.

Written Text

Buy Newcastle. It's delicious. 
Just a normal snack chips ad. 
Seriously guys, it's a good beer. 
It's smooth and delicious. 
Buy a six-pack, football fans. 
A cool beer for cool people. 
It's reasonably priced. 
Like chips? You'll love Newcastle. 
Wash down those ------- with a Newcastle. 
What have you got to lose? $5? 
Newcastle is an excellent beer 
Newcastle Brown Ale 
Doritos For the Bold 
The Newcastle Brown Ale of snack chips

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