This advert for the UK veterinary charity PDSA (People‚Äôs Dispensary for Sick Animals) shows the good works being done for pets in the UK. The PDSA provides veterinary services along with education for pet owners to help keep their beloved pets happy and healthy. Help keep the PDSA going with a donation. 
"PDSA You're the reason tv advert"

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You're the reason I get up every morning. My friend, companion, early warning. You're the reason I leave the house. You fill that gap left by my spouse. Always at my side, wherever we go. An unspoken bond that only we know. Part of the family, whatever you've done. You're all super pets, every hairy last one. But even heroes need powerful friends, to be there that day you think it all ends. To fight hard to save you as if you were theirs. To vaccinate, educate, make swift repairs. We are PDSA, the UK's leading Vet charity. Helping pets and owners nationwide every day. It's our mission, our belief, our true vocation. But we can only continue with your donation.

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a pdsa film 
51 Hospitals Across The UK 
2.7 Million Treatments Last Year 
Help A Vet Help A Pet 
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