A man receives a birthday card from his grandmother (played by Millicent Martin). Grandma includes a gift of $5 with a note telling her grandson to use the money to get himself something nice. The man sets out on a quest to find something nice that is worthy of his five dollars. He finally settles on KFC with a $5 Fill-Up meal. Grandma would be pleased. 
"KFC $5 Fill Up "Birthday" :30"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get yourself something nice. Love, Nana. 
Something nice. 
Something nice. 
The KFC $5 Fill Up. The only pot pie made with the world's best chicken. And a cookie and a drink, all for just Five dollars.  
Isn't that nice.

Written Text

Happy Birthday 
Get yourself something nice 

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