Iconic lighting. Dynamic display. Turbocharged performance. Boldly designed to take you beyond utility. What makes it an SUV is what you put in it. What makes it an NX is what you get out of it. Watch and see what’s in it for you.  
"The First-Ever Lexus NX: “Moving” Bold Design to New Heights"

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Who cares what it holds if it can't hold your gaze.Who cares how tight it can turn if it can't turn heads. Who cares how capable it is if it's incapable of creating a reaction. Any SUV can move something, but can it move you? Introducing the first ever Lexus Turbo and Hybrid. Once you go beyond utility, there's no going back.

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NX 200t Turbo 
NX 200t Sport TUrbo 
NX 300h Hybrid 
The Pursuit of Perfection 

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