She rolls deep with that credit swagger. FICO® Scores are used in 90 percent of credit decisions. Before you talk with your lender, be sure to get your FICO® Score from Experian and own that swagger for yourself. 
"Experian’s "Home Loan" Commercial (:30) - Credit Swagger"

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Well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem. Your credit's in pretty good shape. 
Pretty good? I know I have a 798 FICO score, thanks to the tools and help on Kaboom. 
Ah. Well, I just have a few other questions. 
Chuck, the only other question you need to ask is "what else can you do for me?". 
I'll just take a water. 
Get your credit swagger on. Become a member of Experian Credit Tracker and find out your FICO score powered by Experian. FICO scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.

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