"TurboTax 2015 Commercial Mardi Gras "Where's Janet?" - TurboTax TV Ad (Official :60)" 
raveling for work can be fun. Or terrible. Or at least a good story for Monday. No matter what you went through last year, answering questions about it is simple. Get your taxes done right with TurboTax. 
This ad walks you through some of the most memorable (both good and bad) moments of your life last year. Things like travel work meetings and teleconferencing, proposing and your significant other choking on the engagement ring because she swallowed it from her Champagne glass, losing the ring when it is spit out during the Heimlich maneuver, a marching bad falling down after the ring goes in the tuba,

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Why are we here? You have the dial-in? 
Where's Janet? 
Where's Janet? 
Where's Janet? 
Where's Janet? 
I'm gonna life forever! 
There's Janet. 
She's so fired. 
Taxes for your year, only much simpler. You can handle simpler.

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Did you travel for work last year? Yes/No 
Did you get married last year? Yes/No 
Did you have medical expenses last year? Yes/No 
Did you get a new job last year? Yes/No 
Intuit TurboTax, Intuit Turbo Tax 
We've checked your return. File Now 
Your refund is on its way $2670 
Intuit TurboTax. It's amazing what you're capable of. 
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