We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time.... 
This commercial pairs up 20 strangers and asks them to kiss. The pairings are varied from male/female, male/male, female/female, young/old,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Do we just do this anytime? 
Yeah, take your time. 
Can you turn off the lights? Come on. 
Justin. How are you? 
Shall we make out? 
This here is the awkward moment. 
Since you're an actress, you've done this before. 
A little bit. A little bit. 
Okay. I'll follow your lead. Maybe that isn't the best way to kiss someone. 
So whenever? 
Are you filming? 
We're rolling. 
I have forgotten his name. 
This is actually pretty scary. 
What was your name again? 
And yours? 
Adrian. Yes. Nice to meet you. 
We're gonna kiss. 
I know. 
Are we good to go whenever? 
You have nice eyes. 
Thank you. So do you. 
Let's look at each other for a second. Okay? 
That was a good one. I'm sorry. 
I do have lipstick all over me now, don't I? 
What's your name again? 
I want to hug you. 
Can we make out more? 
Give me all your love now 
'Cause for all we know 
We might be dead by tomorrow 
I can't go on wasting my time 
Adding scars to my heart 
'Cause all I hear is 
"I'm not ready now" 
And I can tell 
That you didn't had 
To face your mother 
Losing her lover 
Without saying goodbye 
Without saying goodbye 
'Cause she didn't had time 
I don't want to judge 
What's in your heart 
But if you're not ready for love 
How can you be ready for life? 
How can you be ready for life? 
So let's love fully 
And let's love loud 
Let's love now

Written Text

Wren presents FIRST KISS, a film by Tatia Pilieva 
We asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time... 
Marianna Palka 
Justin Kennedy 
Elisabetta Tedla 
Damian Kulash 
Nichole Simone 
Robby O'Connor 
Mary Luby 
Karim Saleh 
Natalia Bonifacci 
Ingrid Sophie Schram 
Greg Schoenecker 
Luke Cook 
Langley Fox 
Aaron Beaulieu 
Jill Larson 
Corby Griesenbeck 
Z Berg 
Wyatt Hough 
Matthew Carey 
Directed and Produced by: Tatia Pilieva 
Directory of Photography: Andre Lascaris 
Edited by: Garret Price 
Music by: Soko 
Camera Operators: Robert Humphreys, Evan Pesses, Joshua Anderson 
Make-Up by: Liza Zaretsky 
Hair by: Sylvia Wheeler 
Styling by: WREN, Des Wilson 
Production Coordinators: Corlin Stubbs, Thymaya Payne

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Dates: - May 2015
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