Racing champion Jeff Gordon teams up with Pepsi MAX to pull a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had questioned the authenticity of the original "Test Drive."  
"Jeff Gordon: Test Drive 2 | Pepsi Max | Prank"

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Hi, I'm Jeff Gordon. And you may remember a little video I did with Pepsi Max called "Test Drive". 
Oh, you're an idiot! I'm gonna kill you! 
Some folks on the internet questioned whether I really pulled that off. One of those people was Travis from Jalopnik. 
I started to suspect about on the second viewing. 
Folks from Pepsi Max came to us and said, hey, we want to be able to prove that this test drive that happened a year ago was real. Travis was pretty rough on Jeff and Travis and i are friends, so I was excited to help Pepsi Max respond. We basically established an elaborate ruse. 
I'm going to be playing an ex-convict cab driver. If he knows that it's me, the whole thing is off.  
He's waiting over at the hotel right now. We're gonna send a taxi over to pick him up. 
Holy sh*t! This is gonna be good! 
He's not gonna know it's coming.  
You Travis? 
I'm Travis. 
Could you buckle that seatbelt for me? 
Oh yeah, sure. 
State law, you know? Are you from New York? 
I'm from, actually I'm from New Jersey. 
Did some time with a guy from Jersey one time. Aw, man! What is that cop runnin' all over my ass? 
Hopefully he goes away. 
I get a little nervous when cops are on my ass, you know? 
I understand. 
I went away for 10 years, so you can imagine the fear I I wasn't even doin' anything! Dammit! This is not what I f*cking need! God! No way this is happening! This can not be happening!  
Occupants of the cab, hands out where I can see 'em. Get those windows down. Get 'em down now! Hands out where I can see them. 
What the f*ck is he talking about? What did he just say? 
Don't get out of the cab, we could put the windows down. I can't put my window, my window's locked. No, sir. Please. 
I can't go back, man. I can't. 
I can't go f*cking back. 
Sir! Sir! Sir! 
Sorry, I can't.  
Stop! Stop! Stop! Please stop! 
I can't do it, man. 
Please stop! Please! No! No! Help! 
I can't go back, man. 
Sir! Stop! Stop! Stop! Sir! Sir! 
We're gonna lose him, it's all right. I can't f*cking go back! 
Sir! Help! No! Please! Please stop! I'm not, I didn't do anything! You gotta stop, man! 
I can't go back. 
I'm sorry, man. 
This will all be over soon, man. 
No it won't! 
I'm gonna lose this guy. 
It never works! This never works! Sh*t! 
If you been in my position, this is my only chance. 
Please just stop and let me out. Sir! Just unlock the door and let me out. 
Come on out, buddy! I'm Jeff Gordon. 
Are you f*cking kidding me?! Oh my God! Oh my God! 
Was that for real? 
That was for real. Yes. 
Blame him. 
I don't care for you. 
You wanna go for another ride? 
Guys! That was amazing!

Written Text

Jeff Gordon 
Race Car Driver 
Travis Okulski 
Automotive Journalist 
Ray Wert 
Travis' Friend 
Pepsi Max 
zero calories 
A Zero-Calorie Cola In Disguise 

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