BOOM!! Our 1st ever Ping Pong Trick Shot video has DROPPED!  
"Ping Pong Trick Shots | Dude Perfect"

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All right, Panda, let's do this! Nice roll. How 'bout a hairdryer! 
We're Dude Perfect. Welcome to Ping Pong Trick Shots! 
Boom shakka lakka! 
It's time for Ping Pong Trick Shots! 
Let's do it! 
This is a Cheddary Cheese Chipper. Yeah! 
Did you get the backboards? 
Of course I did.  
Hey folks, this is the Hair Dryer Floater shot. Check it out. 
Mister P.! 
He's got his kicks on, he's got his pants and his tie. Oh, OK. 
Got a ping pong ball. 
Here we go! 
It's pyramid building time! The old pyramid topper. Nacho Cheese Tortilla. 
That's a beautiful Pringles pyramid, my friend. 
The No-Looker Pringles Pyramid shot. 
Cody just made the over-the-head no-looker pyramid shot. Cory's upstairs, we're gonna call him down and make him think he made three consecutive shots in a row. He's gonna throw it up, Cody's gonna catch it. Mind grenade explosion, we go nuts. 
Straight back? 
Yeah, straight back.  
This is the no-looker pyramid. 
Two for the show. 
I'm the most efficient ping pong shooter of all time. Two in a row. Here we go! 
Yo buddy! Put a ball in my hand! Give me another one! Got a ball in my hand. Three in a row 
Hey! By the way, you didn't make any of those. 
Hey, will you get me a life-size Pringle out of there? 
He's outta there! 
How's it goin'? What's that hiding in my beard I feel? Oh, it's a ping pong ball. Maybe I should throw it. 
We'll see if you can count the bounces. How many? 
This is the Pringles Putt. 
That was such a Pringley putt! 
Yeah! Nice shot! 
What's up, guys? Thanks for watching our favorite slam video. Make sure you head to Walmart to pick up your Pringles and the mini backboard. Upload your video using the hashtag #FlavorSlam, so we can check it out. Click here to find out more and click Gary's sweatshirt to get some sweet merch. Signing off, Gary, hit 'em with the nog after I give him the pound.  
Noggin. See ya! 
We'll see you later, guys. 
Pound it and noggin!

Written Text

Ping Pong Trick Shots 
Cheddary Cheese Chipper 
Hair Dryer Floater 
Mr. P 
Pringles Mascot 
No-Looker Pringles Pyramid 
Two For The Show 
Strike 1 
Strike 2 
Strike 3 
Count The Bounces 
The Pringles Putt 
The Sky Ball 
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