Numbers don't lie. Dez Bryant was the best receiver of the season, but every time he "throws up the X," somebody has a problem with it. With his team making their best playoff run in years, Dez wears his Beats Studio Wireless to block out the haters and concentrate on finishing the fight. 
"Beats By Dre x Dez Bryant: Hear What You Want"

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Dez will tell you he's a top 3 wide-receiver in the game, therefore he should be paid. Do you buy it? 
Absolutely I buy it. 
Then why won't they scratch him a check? 
Rings always bring contracts. Win now, Dez, and you can get what you want. 
Emotion won for you and you don't want to legislate the emotion out of the game. When you see him in a playoff game and they get called for a penalty that he doesn't like, and he rips off his helmet and he's on the field, is that a guy you can really trust? 
I don't want him running on the field with his helmet off, but I want him running in end zones and Xing every DB that stands before him. Yes. Emotion wins, buddy. 
Mike, what does it mean to rock that helmet, and does Dez understand that? 
Dez understands. It's about great men that have come before him. I was given it with championships and I gave it back, three championships. What will you give back? 
You have heard the rap. He's immature, he's flashy, he's a d... 
(Lyrics) First to tell ya 
"trap or die", that me, OK 
Mister whip or not and get a half a pie, that me OK 
Mister if I'm talkin' you should listen

Written Text

Beats presents 
Hear What You Want 
Studio Wireless

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