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Winning a championship has only raised the stakes for Richard Sherman. The question remains: Can he do it again? The "best corner in the game" wears his Beats Studio Wireless to silence the critics, and focus on his performance, not the pressure. 
"Beats By Dre x Richard Sherman: Hear What You Want 2015"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Cam Newton v. Richard Sherman. What's crackin'? 
Look, Romie, I'm tired of this sermon hate. Yeah, he's got a big mouth. Yeah, he's got a big contract. So what? 
Normally I couldn't care less what guys make, but $56 million? Best corner? Debatable. Best talker? Without question. 
Yeah, but you gotta respect his game.  
I respect Richard Sherman. We know what he did last year, but can he do it again? That was... 
(Lyrics) Because the night is mine 
Let's play ball

Written Text

Beats Presents 
Hear What You Want 
Studio Wireless

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