When it comes to dating, your little imperfections often make the difference. In 2015, we’re calling on you to embrace your imperfections and enjoy the endearing characteristics that make you unique. #LoveYourImperfections 
"2015 New advert - #LoveYourImperfections"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Typical. I'm always late. Perfect first impression.  
That must be him. Obviously can't wait to meet me.  
Control yourself! You're not his mum! 
Straight to the point. Good first impression. 
Nice one, mate. Really impressed her with that. 
Cool of him to let me win. 
Why couldn't you just say hello? 
I like him. He's up for a laugh. 
If she's still into me after this, it will be a miracle. 
Unconventional, but I like his style. 
If you don't like your imperfections... 
...someone else will. 
At, you'll find more ways to meet new people. 
Join free today. 
(Lyrics) I can't tell (?)

Written Text

If you don't like your imperfections 
someone else will. 
Join free today 

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