"Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful" 
Beneful takes play to new places with this inventive Dog Goldberg machine powered by dogs and their favorite toys. Play. It's good for you. 
This ad from Beneful features a Rube Goldberg machine that is run by the actions of several dogs. 
A tennis ball is thrown and a dog catches it and drops it into a net. This causes several cans of dog food to roll into each other. They end up rolling a cart with a finger on it that rings a doorbell. A dog gets up and starts barking and running causing a crank to be pulled back. It launches a Frisbee that another dog catches. That dog bumps into some boxes of dog food that fall down like dominos causing a red wagon full of puppies to roll down a ramp. the wagon knocks over a giant tennis ball that knocks over a bag of dog food. A dog comes to eat and his wagging tail ends up releasing dozens of tennis balls for a bunch of dogs to come over and chase.

Written Text

Purina Beneful 
Play. It's good for you.

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