Be true to yourself and you'll never be lost... Dr Pepper. Always Be One of a Kind. 
In this commercial, a black "mop dog" (Puli) is sitting all alone at a gas station. He gets up from his cardboard mat and walks past some train tracks till he reaches a town. There he finds other dogs, being walked by their owners. The dogs stops in front of a store window, looking at a mop in the window. Just then, a Dr Pepper delivery driver walks by with his cart. The dog stops, sits and looks at the delivery man. The man continues walking to his truck, and the dog follows. He looks around, then motions for the dog to come to the truck. The man drives with the dog in the passenger seat, stopping at an animal rescue facility. But the good delivery driver doesn't leave the dog at the shelter. He has a new Dr Pepper mascot, as the two drive away together, with the dog's mop-like hair blowing in the wind from the open truck window.  
"Dr Pepper – Mop Dog (2015)"

Written Text

Always Be One of a Kind 
Dr Pepper

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