Northern Soul fan Dave shows how he is truly living from the heart 
Shredded Wheat looks after your heart so you’re free to follow it; watch Dave and share in his passion for Northern Soul in this extended film. 
"Shredded Wheat - Live From The Heart: Dave Extended Film"

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It's all music. It's always the music that was in my heart. And then got married, children, the music was always a part of my life, but I never really got out because the time and opportunity and then rediscovered my youth. Found out what made me happy and then stepped back in time as it were, you know. It just makes me feel good.  
My dad dances more old school, early Northern Soul. 
He's a mover. All the youngsters say, "Your dad can dance". 
Someone came up to Daniel last week saying, "What's it like to have the coolest dad in the universe?". The ritual starts first thing in the morning. The moment you open your eyes, from putting the music on to shining your shoes to packing your ?. It's like an act that goes on stage, you know, you want to play the part so you get dressed in the part. The dance starts very energetic. You gotta keep yourself trim. A healthy lifestyle, eating, everything's a balance. It's great, you know, that a father and son can go out dancing together every weekend. Well, I'm not so athletic anymore, but I give him a run for his money I think.  
I'll push you around now in your wheelchair.  
That's alright, no problem. You can do that. The energy you get from positive, like-minded people and the fact that you're around friendship and love and harmony. I feel very much alive when I'm out on the dance floor. Really, really good positive healthy stuff, mind and body. 
(Lyrics) I keep on hearing you call my name 
Even when I'm asleep 
And every time my telephone rings my heart just skips a beat 
Because I'm in love with you 
(Oh baby, my sweet baby) 
It's just got to be that way 
(Oh baby, my sweet baby) 
I need you each and every day 
Oh yeah 
Oh now my friends keep telling me not to lose my head 
Things gonna be all right 
But they don't know how you take care of business 
Keep everything up tight 
Oh darlin', I-I'm in love with you 
(Oh baby, my sweet baby) 
It's just gotta be that way 
Oh darlin', I got to be with you 
(Oh baby, my sweet baby) 
Each and every day 
Oh tell the story now 
Oh now, I wake up in the morning with you on my mind

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Shredded Wheat Helps Look After Your Heart 
So You're Free To Follow It 
Shredded Wheat 
Since 1893 
Live from the Heart

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It plays...
It's Just Gotta Be That Way performed by Bobby Angelle

It's Just Gotta Be That Way
performed by Bobby Angelle

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