Alex Ovechkin is indestructible. You can challenge him. You can attack him —but nothing will ever break Ovi’s rock solid determination to fight to the end. The bottom line is no matter how hard or how long he’s been training, Ovi’s Powerbeats2 Wireless won’t come off until the workout is finished.  
"Beats by Dre Presents: Alex Ovechkin in Never Break"

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(Lyrics) And you're gonna pay for it  
I tell 'em all hail King Kendrick, resurrecting my vengeance  
Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine  
This ain't no warning shot, this a relevant henchman  
See my opponent then, cease your existence  
Ahead of me is only my future and idle time  
Longevity, I gotta get used to making you mine  
You tellin' me I only get used to livin' if fine  
You can never live in my shoes, permanently paid from God  
When the sun goes down, I scream loud and sleep when I die  
But I will never die, my legacy is alive

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Training is Now Wireless 
Powerbeats2 Wireless

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