Aaron Rodgers is obviously busy this weekend, so we double checked the world and found this British guy who looks just like him. Come to find out, looking like the Discount Double Check guy has its perks.  
"State FarmĀ® Commercial - "Being Aaron" :30"

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I am Aaron Rodgers. 
Well, close enough. The real Aaron's busy. But State Farm still wanted to make a commercial about the savings with the Discount Double Check, so they Double Checked the world and found me - in London. And looking like Aaron Rodgers has its perks.  
I make headlines. Relax. The only drawback is this guy.  
Rodgers! All right! All right! Ow! 
It pays to double check. State Farm.

Written Text

State Farm 
Aaron Wroggers 
It Pays To Double Check. 
State Farm 

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