This 1987 Super Bowl commercial features Pierce Brosnan who is playing a suave, international traveller. He enters a cafe in a foreign country and sits next to a beautiful women as ninjas stalk him. One of the ninjas tosses a throwing star at him, but misses causing the waiter to throw a can of Diet Coke up in the air. Brosnan catches it without missing a beat. Another ninja tries to his him with a blow dart, but it just passes through the can creating two holes and filling up his cup and that of the lady at his table. At the end of the ad he tosses an ice cube on the floor that another ninja slips on a slides right out of a window. 
Note that this ad was created long before his days as James Bond, though looking back it seems to foreshadow his role.

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Ours, as you know, is not a perfect world. 
May I? 
That's why it's so refreshing when something perfect comes along. Like Diet Coke. Tastes great staight or on the rocks. Yet it's just one calorie. That's why Diet Coke is the perfect soft drink for an imperfect world. 
Just for the taste of it, Diet Coke

Written Text

Diet Coke 
From the Coca-Cola company 
One Calorie 
100% Nutrasweet

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