"mophie Overtime Sweepstakes" 
If the Big Game on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 goes into overtime, we'll be giving away $1 million in prizes. Visit to see how you can enter to win! #StayPowerful 
This Super Bowl preview ad features Fox Sport announcer and NFL insder, Jay Glazer talking to us about mophie phone charging products.

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Hey, everybody. This is Jay Glazer. The seven days leading up to the Big Game in Arizona crams a year's worth of stories, rumors, parties on to one mind-numbing week. My job to literally cover it all. 24 hours a day, that entire week, the thought of my smartphone dying - honestly it's my worst nightmare. Think about that. Me, I'm our there going after a scoop. I'm hitting the party scene. I got no phone. Being with no phone, well that's like without food, without water, without air. I just can't go on like that. So I rely on my Mophie to keep my smartphone working as long as humanly possible. When my battery drops in the red zone, I just flip the switch and take comfort knowing that my device is recharging no matter where I am. Mophie is the brand that ensures all my mobile devices are ready to work overtime. So this year Mophie is handing out - how bout this - one million dollars in product if the Big Game goes into overtime. Go to to enter for your chance to win a piece of the action.

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