Our pioneering vision is to create products that deliver a natural beauty look that rises from the heart of our great country. An effortless, genuine look that leaves you glowing with confidence. The feeling of being proud of who you are, where you’re from & how you look. Carrie Underwood & Almay are honored to celebrate & share the true spirit of American beauty with you. #SimplyAmerican 
"Almay + Carrie Underwood | Simply American"

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Almay celebrates the true spirit of American beauty, which rises from the heart of our great country. Dreams are born. Hopes fly high. We love this country with a passion. You can see the pride in our eyes, read the joy on our faces, hear the love on our lips. We create products that deliver an effortless beauty look: genuine and glowing with confidence. Almay. Simply American. 
(Lyrics) Yeah, yeah, yeah 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 
Beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American girl

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Carrie Underwood 
Simply American 
Pure Beauty 
American Science

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