NHL stars discover first-hand why sledge hockey athletes exemplify what it means to Win from Within. 
"Gatorade – Sledge Hockey"

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You know, we all have our own stories. We found a way to play the game that we love. It's just, uh, our way of doing it. And for the people that may say, "It's not as hard", or "It's not as fast-paced", all I would say to those people is, come and try it out.  
And we work with athletes all around the world, and so it's my pleasure to be here and I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity at Gatorade to learn from you. And to celebrate, we thought we'd invite a few friends to come and join you.  
How's it going? You guys think we could join you here today? 
I'm running Crosby, he's running Drew. 
They're gonna slow us all down. 
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little scared. 
Like I said, I'm just gonna try to get from one end to the other.  
We kind of introduced them to the world of Sledge hockey, and show them what we do. 
Come on! Take the body! 
A couple of those guys did circles around us. 
Embarrassed us. 
Literally, circles.  
Way off side, way off side. 
My first instinct is, why don't I have a longer stick so I can hook 'em and slash 'em or... 
As a child, I wanted to play with these guys, and then, having my accident and then getting the opportunity to play with them. Time of my life.  
Just seeing the poise and the character and, uh, the mental strength, they really are an inspiration for all of us, so... You know, I think their passion for hockey is something we all share, no matter what our situation or where we come from. 
It doesn't matter whether it's Sledge hockey or stand up hockey, blind hockey, amputee hockey. At the end of the day, hockey is hockey.

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August 18, 2014 
Cruisers Sledge Hockey Volunteered To Be In A Gatorade Documentary. 
87 Crosby 
28 Giroux 
29 MacKinnon 
39 Couture 
Karl Ludwig 
Cruisers Sports All Blacks - Forward 
Scott Hartnell 
Columbus Blue Jackets - Left Wing 
Claude Giroux 
Philadelphia Flyers - Centre 
Kevin Duchane 
Cruisers Sports All Blacks - Goalie 
Sidney Crosby 
Pittsburgh Penguins - Centre 
Proud Supporter Of Hockey Everywhere. 
No Matter How It's Played.  

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