Have people forgotten how to care?  
In an often cold and indifferent world, Kleenex® brand set out to make a difference. We believed that people sometimes need a little nudge to do something that is inherently good. So we conducted a social experiment and captured the results on film. See what happened. 
Moving forward, we hope to inspire others to be prepared to share Kleenex® care with someone in need of a little comfort. 
"Share Kleenex® Care – Social Experiment"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They just gave me this.  
One for me and one to share. 
Yes! Thank you. You're a lifesaver! 
Oh, come on! Seriously? 
Oh my gosh! Thank you! 
I would love one! Thank you! 
There's a part that says "share". 
Thank you!

Written Text

In an often cold and indifferent world 
it seems like people have forgotten how to care 
Kleenex brand set out to change this 
We created a special share pack 
to see if people would show they care 
Then we hired an actor 
and this is what happened 
It turns out all people need 
is a way to show they care 
Share Kleenex Care 
with someone today 
Get started at

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