"BMW i - Assistance Services"

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(Lyrics) Well it's feeling like a brighter day 
And it's in the air, yeah, it's in the air 
It's something we'll never wave away 
And it's something fair yeah, it's something fair 
And not a reason to be on my feet 
Can you hear me say, can you hear me say 
You know it's gonna make us all complete 
And it's here today, yeah, it's here today 
And it's all easy, yeah 
And it's all easy 

Written Text

360° Electric 
Assistance Services 
Plan Your Trip With eNavigation. 
Download The BMWi Remote App And Monitor Your Battery's Charge 
Find Your Nearest Public Charging Station 
Reach Destinations In The Most Energy-Efficient Way 
Get BMW Ultimate Service, With An 8-Year, 100-Mile Battery Warranty. 
The All-Electric BMW i3

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