This ad shows several astronauts on the moon. They plant an American flag, but as soon as they do, a giant moon monster crawls out of a crater. It smashes one astronaut, rips another in half, then punches a third - killing them all. A fourth man can be seen hiding behind a rock. The alien doesn't see him and turns to go away, but then the astronaut farts and the creature hears it... 
Haynes Baked Beans is not a real product. The "ad" was created by Cinesite to show off their moviemaking and CGI skills. 
Written and directed by Animator Alvise Avati and produced by Animation Director Eamonn Butler. Beans, a short film with an unexpected ending, showcases Cinesite's creature animation skills. We hope you have fun watching and sharing it!

Written Text

Haynes Baked Beans. High in Fibre! 
Not for Astronauts 
A Cinesite VFX & Comic Animations Production 
Sound Design and Post Production by Molinare 
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