"Defying Logic - 2011 Super Bowl Ad" 
This 2011 Super Bowl commercial

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Does it make sense that a German car company would break ground is Spartanburg, South Carolina and call it home? 
Does it make sense that in the height of a recession when most companies were bailing out, that they would dig in? That they would find their latest design in California? 
They can customize it in 10 million different ways? 
Does it make sense? 
Does it make sense? 
Does it make sense that a small town in the South could make every X3 in the world? 
It makes perfect sense. 
The all-new BMW X3. Designed in American. Built in America.

Written Text

Herman, Jeff, Sherry 
Do Not Lean 
BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine 
Designed in America. 
Built in America.

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