This ad starts with a mother bringing in some balloons to her son on his third birthday. We see several shots of the boy in the same black and white shirt pajamas, and each time the mother folds up the sleeves a little bit so they don't cover his hands. As the boy grows older he is still wearing the same PJs, but the mom slowly needs to fold back less and less of the sleeves. We see the boy turn 4 years old as they put a pencil mark on the wall for him. He turns 5 and goes for his first day of kindergarten still wearing the PJ top as a shirt now, and now the mom doesn't have to fold up the sleeves at all.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

There you go again 
Growing up 
I didn't know that time could fly 
Wonderful, you are full of wonder 
And joyful laughter 
There you go again 
Growing up 
I see the markings on our wall 
And the day will come when you will leave this home 
And you'll fly away on wings 
Oh, there you go growing up again

Written Text

Happy 1st day of School! 
Live organically 
Live fashionably 
Live memories 
Live memories in Nui

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