"Boxers/Furries - SLO Down Wines Commercial (2015)" 
This ad begins with a boxer with a black eye holding up a glass of wine. You can only see half of him because the other half of the screen is black. We then see the other half of him while they darken the boxer half. This other half is the same man in a furry costume.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sexual Chocolate by Slo Down Wines delivers intense notes of black cherry blended with rich, dark chocolate. It goes great ???, but it also goes great with Eastern Bloc chess boxers. 
Broken Dreams on the other hand is a perfectly bound chardonnay. Citrus and tropical fruits. It goes great with ocean fresh seafood. It also goes great with cage-dancing, bi-curious Furries. 
Slo Down Wine. It goes great with whatever you're into.

Written Text

Slo Down Wine, Slow Down Wine Slodown Wine, Slowdown Wine 

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