"The Fastest Halftime Show Ever! | Hyped for Halftime | Pepsi"
After watching the fastest halftime show, don’t forget to tune in to the Pepsi Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show with Katy Perry, happening on February 1st, 2015. Get Hyped for Halftime!

We see the "fastest halftime show ever from a passing train. It includes:
Cheerleaders, a center hiking a football to a quarterback, a marching band, people shooting T-shirt guns, a kiss cam, a juggler, a singer, a drummer, people breakdancing, a guy smashing a guitar, a man talking on his cell phone, someone creating giant bubbles, crazy fans, someone grilling, a fire breather, people playing cornhole, a football player catching a pass, Gatorade getting dumped on a coach,

Written Text

Pepsi presents the fastest halftime show ever
20x slower
Super Bowl XLIX Pepsi Haltime Show
Hyped for Halftime
Official Soft Drink of the National Football League NFL
Live for Now

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